Colourful sheepskin for your interior!

Choose something different from a white or brown sheepskin and go for a colour like taupe, blue or dark green. Our natural sheepskins come in white and brown. As it is a natural product, a sheepskin is never the same, but generally you will find these two colours in a sheepskin. 

If this is too boring for you or if it simply doesn't match your interior, you can of course buy a different sheepskin. There are many more variations of dyed sheepskin. We have them in earth tones like taupe, beige and black, but also in very light colours like red, blue, light pink and orange. 

How natural is a dyed sheepskin? 

Many people think that these skins are not natural, but nothing could be further from the truth. The skins that have received a dye bath are natural/white. Sometimes the white skins have a mark from the covering block, by which the farmer can tell if a sheep has been covered. Normally these skins are thrown away. The ecological dye bath, however, gives these sheepskins a completely new appearance and removes the mark. Thus, a dyed sheepskin is sustainable and natural.

Theme in your interior? Create an atmospheric Christmas interior with a matching sheepskin!

We try to find the best colours and offer something for everyone. So there is always a sheepskin that suits your interior or your personal style or theme. At the moment, there is a beautiful green and blue sheepskin that will look lovely in a Christmas décor next to the Christmas tree. For a more traditional Christmas atmosphere in your home, you can also choose a combination of a red and a green sheepskin. You can also coordinate the sheepskin with a colour of Christmas baubles!

Are you interested in our coloured sheepskins? Take a look at our current collection here.