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Texels Bock Beer - Large 75cl

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Texel Bock Beer - large bottle. Flavour: Rich & Dark 6,5% 0,75 CL

Texel Bock beer is a high fermentation seasonal beer. The brewers only use natural raw materials like hop, yeast and barley malt from Texel. Texel Bock has  a long period of total reset during the maturation process, this makes the taste of the beer more intense. The ruby red color and typical caramel taste of Texel Bock beer are the direct results of roasting the malted barley. Om addition the specific selected hops give the beer its particular pleasant aftertaste. Texel Bock beer is an unfiltered beer that has a second fermentation on the bottle. The small amount of yeast on the bottom of the bottle makes the beer extra creamy and contains a lot of vitamin B. Texel Bock has a alcohol percentage of 7% and tastes the best when served with a temperature between 8 to 10 °C.

The premium quality beer from island of Texel. Taste the best and truly delicious Texel Beer. Shop the best quality Texel beer at affordable rate from us.

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