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Kees Boontje

Kees Boontje - The Dutch Herbal Liqueur from Texel

Kees Boontje is an iconic Dutch herbal liqueur that has been crafted on the island of Texel for over a hundred years. Carefully selected herbs are macerated in alcohol to produce this traditional drink, which is then blended with sugar to create a delightfully sweet yet smoothly-textured flavor. Kees Boontje is made after the recipe of a Swedish castaway, who washed ashore on Texel and gave it to Kees Boontje as thanks for the good care.

If you are looking to experience Texel culture in all its flavor, then Kees Boontje is a must-try! No matter where you choose to savor this classic taste of Holland, it's guaranteed to refresh and invigorate your palate. Here at Drank van Texel, we are thrilled to provide this wonderful Texel history and culture to customers all over the globe – so don't hesitate to order your Kees Boontje online today!

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