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Juttertje Herbal Liquor 150CL

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Eathemware jug of Juttertje 150 CL / 1,5 L
A tasty soft drink, doesn't burn but still full of flavours.
30% vol.

Large jug Juttertje - 1,5 liter

A nice earthenware jug with handle and filled with 150 CL. / 1.5 liter


Texels Juttertje is a delicious herbal bitter from the island of Texel. This traditionally prepared bitter is drawn from numerous naturally pure herbs according to an old Texel family recipe.

Juttertje has been awarded the 'Genuine Texel Product' quality mark and is known at home and abroad. It has a soft, friendly taste and comes from no less than 14 different herbs.

A Texel specialty, prepared according to an old Texel family recipe, which is available throughout the Netherlands from the better liquor stores.

Texel herbal bitters

The origin

When Cor de Wit (born in 1929) took over an old Texel distillery in the 1970s, he found a recipe booklet, including the recipe for a herb bitter, in an old lectern. He then made that recipe into a drink and thought it tasted very good. Juttertje was born. With some help and a nice label, Juttertje got on the liquor market.

Truly delicious Texel Liquor from the island of Texel. Premium quality, pure liquors. Shop the best Texel Liquor from here.

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