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11 x Texels Skuumkoppe Beer

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Texel Skuumkoppe beer.
Flavour: Amber & Elegant 6% 30 CL

Skuumkoppe: character dark wheat beer

Skuumkoppe from Texel Brewery is a character dark wheat beer that tastes in every season. (6.0% alcohol)

The pride of Texel, wheat beer which various hop varieties and distinctive upper fermentation give a fuller taste than other wheat beer. Dark wheat beer: it gets its name from the white crests on the waves of the rough sea. Waves rinse our island: day after day, all year round. Skuumkoppe therefore a beer for every season. Secondary fermentation in the bottle and unfiltered, with a little yeast to make the extra generous flavors. This does not slice of lemon. Pure, robust, straightforward: beer as Texel itself.

Skuumkoppe comes into its own at a drinking temperature of 6 degrees Celsius.

Drink Texel Skuumkoppe from the original Skuumkoppeglas (30 cl and 50 cl) without lemon


Dune Water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops and yeast. Contains gluten.

Enjoy with beer

Texel Skuumkoppe combines well with various dishes, both meat and fish. And how about a dash Skuumkoppe by the pancake batter (replace half of the milk by specialty). Children can stay for dinner, the alcohol evaporates during baking.

Texel Brewery

Where enthusiastic hobby brewers laid the foundation nowadays under the guidance of a brewmaster a dedicated team is working to brew Texel beer. Beers from Texel Brewery have received numerous awards, most recently during the election of the 'Best Bock beer in the Netherlands' and the Dutch Beer Challenge. Moreover, also on the international stage of the World Beer Awards.

Texel Beer

Can you taste salty Wadden air in a glass of beer? Texels beer is closely linked to the unspoilt nature of the island. Due to the unique climate: more hours of sunshine and less rain allow barley and wheat to grow with pronounced thick grains. When the beer matures in perfect rest, the Texel sheep provide life in the brewery when they are treated with bostel: the residual product of the malt that remains after brewing.

The premium quality beer from island of Texel. Taste the best and truly delicious Texel Beer. Shop the best quality Texel beer at affordable rate from us.

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